You’re a gambler. A person who is willing to risk a bit to earn a lot. You’re not a researcher who would spend hours online to find online casinos for Irish players. Here at CasinoHEX, we provide you with the information you need. Read our guide to learn how to pick the safe websites you can trust or jump straight to our reviews. If you have any questions about Ireland online casinos. In our article, you’ll discover how to find the best casino sites to get only an exciting gambling experience. We’ll show you the main features of gambling sites you might don’t know before. Read further to discover:

  • Websites’ Criteria
  • Online Gambling in Ireland
  • Wagering Requirements & Payout Percentage

How To Choose The Most Trusted Online Casino in Ireland

The last thing you want when you’re gambling online is not get your payment in time because the websites keep delaying the payment. If you’ve ever gambled at a rogue casino, you know what it feels like.

The support keeps saying that they will look into the problem and sort out your payment, but they never do. Or they just straight up tell you won’t get your money because of some “rule violation” that is never explicitly stated.

We know that pain you feel when you’ve won really big but can’t get the money to your bank account. This is why CasinoHEX experts spend a lot of time researching top casinos online before putting them on our list. Here is what we look at to make sure you’re safe gambling at the best rated online casino of your choice.

Safe Online Casinos (+Software)

  • PlayzeeOur top 1 discovery in 2020. This brand has already proved its safety and reliability in the eyes of the customers.
  • ZetCasinoAlso well-known gambling site with the latest secure encryption and software. Huge collection of casino games is the nice addition to it.
  • Magic Red5 years of experience in the niche allows this brand to implement the best approaches to security. Highly recommended as one of the best secure casinos.
  • Zen CasinoMany gamblers know Zen Casino for their serious approach to the business. We didn’t have any problems and players’ reviews tell us the same information.
  • BetzestLooking for the legit casino brand with a clear reputation? Then Betzest is also recommended for you to try your luck in.

How we chose which casino for real money is secure and safe? Read further to know.

Think about online security, like about being safe on the street. You probably won’t go into the shady part of town where you know lots of robberies happen in the middle of the night. If you do, the joke’s on you. You knew what were you getting yourself into.

The problem with online security is that very few people know the tell-tale signs of a bad website. You can easily tell something is off in a neighbourhood when you see shabby houses and drunkards on the street, but that’s not something you can detect in the online gambling site if you don’t know what to look for.

Once you know it, it becomes as obvious as avoiding a bunch of aggressive drunks in tracksuits. However, some gamblers are so eager to place a bet that they ignore red flags and go on to place a deposit at the shady website. This is where we come to help people find out what secure online casino websites are safe to play at, and what will defraud you.

The very first thing we check is the SSL certificate which is a sign of safe casino sites. It’s an encryption certificate that signals to users all their transactions are secure. If the online casino site doesn’t have one, it may be dangerous to leave any kind of personal data there. This especially concerns banking information. If there’s no HTTPS on the website, your data is poorly protected. Even if the casino is not malicious itself, hackers can intercept data packages and defraud you more than any top online casino Ireland could. Small, poorly protected casinos are often considered a primary target by hackers.

The next step that helps you understand you’re facing a rogue casino is looking at the URL. Sometimes, fraudulent websites try to mimic big casino brands to get gullible people to place a bet. You won’t see your winnings at such a website. You may get a small win, but if you win big, you can forget about your money. If you’re clicking on an ad that mentions Casumo but ends up at, you know it’s a scam.

Broken text is another way that you can vet the website yourself. If the website you end up on after clicking on a casino ad is written in poor English and claims to be an Ireland online casino, you should get very suspicious. It’s probably a scam website made in a third-world country that hunts for gullible players who won’t read anything and will get straight to gambling. Even if it’s not, it’s highly suspicious. If the company that made this website decided they don’t need to hire a pro to write the website copy, it makes you wonder what else did they save money on? Perhaps they thought to create proper security measures, or support service is obsolete since people only want to play the game. If that’s the case, you should avoid that casino at all cost.

The next step is checking the software. Sometimes, the best gambling site itself is great, but its mobile or desktop application contains malware. You install it on your PC or smartphone, and it starts saving your passwords or even mining cryptocurrency, significantly slowing down your hardware. This is the step you can’t do on yourself. You can check for a security certificate from a reputable company like eCOGRA, but that can be easily faked. Read the reviews on CasinoHEX instead to save your time. Our experts monitor the databases of auditing companies and regulatory bodies to see whether what top Irish casinos online claim is true.


All top casino sites have perfect support. Few people think about customer support when they choose a place to gamble. Often, it’s the variety of games and the amount of bonus money that drives people to make that decision. However, when they find themselves in a situation where they can’t contact the support for days, they understand their decision was a bit uninformed.

Support can make or break your experience at any website of such type. You only need to contact them at most crucial moments. Like if your huge win is being delayed and you want to know why. If the support can’t answer you, or can’t answer you in time, you can lose a lot of time. In some cases, you can lose the win as well.

If you want to make sure a casino Ireland online is trustworthy, contact them on your own. Talk to them about making a deposit or withdrawal requirements you might have missed. Ask them questions to make sure you understand everything about how the website works. If they don’t answer you in time, it’s a bad sign. They probably won’t help you in a difficult situation, either.

If you don’t want to spend your time checking every casino you find interesting, just consult with our list of online gambling casinos in Ireland. We only show the ones that have an excellent customer support service, among other things.


This is the part that is lost on many gamblers who want to choose the best casino Ireland sites themselves. They research games and bonuses instead of going for the banking system at the given casino. You have to check security first. The banking page should be 100% secure and have an HTTPS encryption on it. If it’s not, your banking information is not well protected.

Then, you have to get into the smaller details. You must know that some ways of making a withdrawal take significantly longer than others. For instance, your withdrawal claim that involves a wire transfer from the best gambling sites in Ireland will be processed for at least a week before you get to see your winnings on your account. If you’re making a transfer to PayPal or Neteller, you can quickly get the funds within one day.

The commission rates differ at the best online casinos in Ireland as well. Some top online gambling casinos don’t take any commission at all, some charge an insane amount to do a wire transfer and only a bit for sending money to your credit card. You have to look out for this if you want to save the most of your win.

If you pay enough attention, you can even get some money on top of your deposit. Some best deposit casinos offer a small bonus if you’re using a specific deposit method. You can get up to 5% of your deposit if you use it. Depending on the amount of money you want to bet, it can be a significant sum. You can find more information on this in individual casino reviews on CasinoHEX. Also, you can choose a small deposit casino from our list if you don’t want to play big.

You also want to check withdrawal requirements even in the best Irish casinos. Often, they’re not explicitly stated on the main page, so many gamblers miss them. It’s only when they’ve bet a ton of money and got a huge win that they understand you have to bet 50 times the amount of money you receive as a bonus if you want to make a withdrawal. It can hit you hard and make you lose everything you’ve won before you’re even able to withdraw it. The next chapter tells you anything you may want to know on the topic.


Bonus money is probably one of the two major factors that lead gamblers to deposit to a site. It’s hard to resist if the casino says you’re getting a thousand Euros for free if you make a deposit. However, getting to the banking page right after you see the ad on the home page is probably not the best decision. You have to be smart to win, so you have to do some research before doing that.

First, you have to look for no deposit casino bonus Ireland. It’s hard to find that online, but if you check CasinoHEX, you’ll see a whole list that offers them. This bonus allows you to bet a little bit while not investing a single penny. You can get either a fixed sum or a number of free spins to check out some slots at the casino. It’s a crucial thing that lets you discover a casino before you’re making a deposit.

Then, you have to look at the way a bonus is calculated. If you can get a total of €200, but the actual sum you get is 100% of what you deposit, it may not be suitable for low-rollers. If you are a low-roller, you may be better off playing at a website that offers a €100 cap but gives you 200% of the deposit. This way you’ll get €150 in total after a €50 deposit, while at the casino that offers a higher cap, you’ll only get €100 in total for the same money.

Being smart about your bonuses doesn’t end there. Few popular online casinos mention that playthrough requirements are a thing, but best internet casinos have them. A playthrough requirement or a wagering requirement is the sum you have to bet before you’re able to make a withdrawal. For instance, if the wagering requirement at a casino is x50 your bonus sum and you received €100 in bonus money, you’ll have to bet €5,000 before you can make a withdrawal.

If that sounds too grim for you, don’t get discouraged from gambling. Look up the list of casinos at CasinoHEX to learn if they offer small wagering requirements. In some places, you have to bet as little as x1 the bonus sum to start withdrawing money.


If the new casino sites are trustworthy, it has to show that in every aspect. It’s hard to believe you won’t get defrauded if the casino doesn’t mention the basic terms and conditions in the place it’s easy to find them. That’s why our experts look for casinos that are not afraid to mention their conditions right on the ad, or on their home page.

We value the ease of navigation as well. Since you’re going to spend a lot of money at a casino, you need to have access to all relevant information in a couple of clicks. If you need to look for user agreement for ages, it may be the case that a casino is simply trying to cover it and doesn’t want you to find out what they’re really up to.

It’s been reported numerous times that rogue casinos refuse to approve payments based on weird rules you never heard of because they’re hidden on the website. This is what you should avoid in a casino, and this is precisely what we ban casinos from our list.


We’re all here for a good game. What’s the point of winning, if the process of gaming is boring. If you wanted to get money while being bored to death, you’d go your office job. This is why our experts analyze what games are offered, and report on their findings.

Read our best internet casino reviews to learn all about the games presented at the casinos. You can find what developers are supplying their games to casinos. Filter the search by online casino best games developer to see the list of casinos that you can play their games at. If you are not sure about a particular game, go to the game reviews section and check them out. You can even play a game for free before going to a casino to play it for real money.

Alone, you can only find what games a casino offers. If you read our reviews, however, you can learn what casinos offer the latest games from your favourite developers. We also mention the variety of table games and live casino options at the casino. This will help you invest in the casino that will give you access to every gaming experience you want to relax after a long day of work.

Online Casino Types

So you decided to play in an online casino? That is a wise choice, as an Irish online casino can offer so much more than a traditional casino, all in the comfort of your own home. But did you know there are so many different casino web sites you can choose from? To an inexperienced eye, they all might look the same with their flashy graphics and colourful banners, but some significant differences distinguish them from one another.

✪ Live Casinos

Live casinos can be considered the most similar to traditional casinos. These casino types offer games with live dealers. Thanks to the live streaming technology that is more advanced than ever and multiple cameras positioned so that all players can follow the game. The players get the feeling they are in a real casino while they are sitting in front of the computer.

On the other side of the camera is a real dealer, usually in a studio that looks like an exclusive Las Vegas casino. They are dealing with real cards in real-time, on real tables. All players who joined the table see the same video stream and can communicate with each other via chat. A top casino of this kind would usually offer the most popular games like different versions of poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

✪ Mobile Casinos

Some of the best casinos online are mobile. Mobile casinos have become incredibly popular in the past ten years, thanks to smartphone technology. These casinos operate in three ways:

  • They are either special casinos available only through a brand name apps
  • They are apps developed by a regular browser-supported casino, for mobile play
  • They are regular online casinos whose website are optimized for use in a mobile browser

Players who wish to play in mobile casinos must consider two things. They should have a smartphone that is compatible with the preferred mobile casino, and they must have a solid mobile data plan.

✪ Minimum Deposit Casinos

Whether you are a beginner or believe that little money can go a long way, Minimum deposit casinos could be the perfect fit for you. Many casinos require minimum deposits that cost as little like a lollipop. For $1 or $5, you can get access to slots and card games. Keep in mind that a low deposit limit shouldn’t be the only criteria when choosing a casino Ireland online. It is always good to compare minimum stake requirements with the minimum deposit. For example, in most casinos, a $1 deposit guarantees only 10 spins on a video slot, which is hardly enough to experience the slot. However, these casinos are popular among players who like to play in multiple
casinos and are not loyal to a single brand.

✪ VIP casinos

VIP casinos are top gambling sites that offer a special treatment to experienced players who make the largest deposits and are regular customers. Best online casino Ireland would have a VIP casino that is locked for most users.

There is no universal rule applicable to all casinos on what makes a customer a VIP. Most casinos will have their requirements publicly listed, so everyone can decide whether or not this type of casino is right for them. VIP casinos usually offer:

  • Special bonuses, competitions, and rewards
  • More games
  • Personal customer support
  • Personal account manager
  • Lower fees
  • More payment methods

✪ Fast Payouts Casinos

Many casinos are offering fast payouts and even instant withdrawals. Fast payout casinos usually offer a selection of eWallets that are the fastest transaction method we know today. The most popular eWallets among casino players are Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, PayPal, etc. Besides a variety of eWallets, they also have customer support agents available 24/7, as well as a finance team that is processing withdrawals as they come. Players should keep in mind how they must verify their identity to make withdrawal as fast as possible. This step should be done immediately after registration to avoid any delays. Most fast payout casinos can process your withdrawal and make a payment within 24 hours.

✪ Download Casinos

Let’s set the record straight: there are instant casinos and download casinos. Instant casinos are those that are accessible via web browser upon registration. A download casino requires that you install a certain program on your computer before playing. Sometimes, a player might be required to install special updates and add-ons to continue playing in the same casino as technology changes more than ever.

This type of casino is no longer popular as it used to be, simply because most players prefer not to overcrowd their hard disk and want to play whenever and wherever, without being limited to a single computer. It is still the safest online casino type considering the privacy of your data.

✪ No Download Casinos

No download casinos are also known as instant casinos. All a player needs to do is to register, remember the login information and play! Even players of the older generation have no difficulties while playing in no download casinos, simply because there are no complicated downloads, installations or updates required.

Most modern online casinos are a no download type, and their only requirement is that you have Adobe Flash installed. This program comes with most modern computers by default. No download casinos usually offer better promotions and more bonuses than download casinos, and such casinos will be featured on our online casinos’ list.

Most Popular Casino Games in Ireland

Modern-day top online casinos offer a great variety of games, but most users don’t feel like doing extensive research on every game type. This is why we created a short guide that will help you understand popular and most played online casino games in Ireland. The rules may slightly differ depending on the variation of the game you play.

Online Slots

Online video slots are descendants of slot machines. To help you understand them better, we made a step by step guide.

  1. Every slot has either 3, 5, or 7 reels. They are moved by clicking a button on the screen. The spins can also be set to auto mode.
  2. Every reel has a specific pattern of different, usually themed, images.
  3. To win, the player must create a pay line – line that is connecting specific images on specific positions, once the reels are in the final position.
  4. Visuals and sound let the player know how many pay lines (if any) they’ve gotten and how much they’ve won.
  5. Almost all slots reward winning players with free spins.


Blackjack is a popular card game that is played with 1 to 8 decks of cards (without a Joker). Before the round starts, every player has to make a bet. Then, the dealer will start dealing cards. Every player gets two cards facing up, and the dealer gets one card facing up, and one card face down (also known as hole card). The main goal of every player is to get a hand worth 21 or to get as close as possible.

The card values are as follows:

  • Cards 2 to 10 – their pip values as written on the card
  • Face cards – 10
  • Ace – can either be 1 or 10

The perfect combination in blackjack would be Ace and any face card as they count as 21.


Roulette is a casino game played on a wheel with marked numbers going from 0 to 37 (French variation) or 38 (American variation). The zero is marked green, and all other numbers, either black or red. All players must put their money on a certain number they believe will be the winning one, but you can also bet on the colour, odd and even numbers, etc. Once the croupier spins the wheel, they also spin the ball in the opposite direction on a special track, outside the wheel. Once the ball stops, everyone can see the winning number.


This card game is played in a way that the player bets on one out of two hands. There are “players” hand and “bankers” hand, and 3 possible outcomes:

  • Player has a higher score
  • Banker has a higher score
  • It’s a tie

Every hand gets 2 cards at the very start, and dealing the third card is possible, but not necessary. The most popular variations of this game are Punto Banco, Baccarat Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat Banque, but Punto Banco is the most popular variation in Ireland.

The Best Deposit Options for Irish

When making a deposit, safety must be your main concern. Players should always thrive on finding the safest, fastest and most reliable payment option, that has reasonable fees and processing times. Of course, there are very few (if any) methods that fit all these criteria at once. For this reason, it is good to be familiar with different payment methods and only then decide which one to use for depositing and withdrawing in your favourite online casino.

Debit/Credit Cards

Every bank in Ireland offers these cards. Some of the most common names in the casino industry are Visa (including Visa Electron) and MasterCard, but some casinos accept American Express, Diners, etc. Credit and debit card transactions are usually charged a small fee, and you can avoid any unfriendly exchange rates by simply choosing a casino that accepts Euros. Credit and debit card deposits are usually visible in a couple of hours.


PayPal is probably the most popular online payment solution in the world, with over 300 million users (data for 2019). The main characteristic of this payment method is safety and reliability, as PayPal is known to allow users to dispute transactions and help them in case they encounter crooked companies. Of course, in such cases, it is necessary to have enough evidence to get a chargeback.

PayPal is very popular in the online casinos in Ireland as well, but you will need a debit card or a credit card to fund your account. Also, you might have to pay a small fee for a PayPal withdrawal.

Pay by Phone, Boku, SMS, Landline

Casino players in Ireland can also use one of many “pay by phone” options. These payment solutions are based on a simple premise: the user downloads the app and uses it as a mobile payment method, but with the difference that the amount deposited is charged and billed to your phone bill, or your credit card (depending on the app).

Here are some of the most popular phone payment methods in Ireland:

  • Boku – a worldwide phone payment solution established in 2009. It specializes in online payments for virtual goods such as RP games, online casino games, subscriptions, etc.
  • SMS – many teleoperators that operate in Ireland offer you the opportunity to deposit with SMS. This service can be used with apps like Boku, Zimpler, PayZone, and Payforit. Once you enter the deposit amount, you will have to verify it with a code sent to you via SMS.
  • Landline – landline is as old as phone, but has only recently become available as a payment method in online casinos. It is still not as popular as eWallets and credit cards but can be a good choice for players in their golden years of life. All you need to do is select a deposit via landline, and you will receive a call that will guide you through the process of deposit verification.


These are the two most popular eWallets in the world, both owned by a company called Paysafe. Neteller and Skrill are accepted in most online casinos in Ireland, and you can also get their debit card once you register. To use either of them, you will need to connect them to your bank account. Both eWallets charge a small fee for every transaction, whether it is depositing or withdrawing, as well as for ATM withdrawals. Still, they are the fastest payment solutions available at the moment. All transactions are almost instant, which makes them a top choice of many casino players.


It’s just a brief explanation of how you can vet the safest online casinos by yourself. Our experts use more complex guidelines and rating systems to ensure you’re safe and happy at the best mobile casino. We help our readers to play on the best online gambling sites in Ireland. We talk to the casino support and check their registration in the regulatory bodies, as well as compare them to others and get stats on casino performance. CasinoHEX encourages users to find out more about casinos on their own and rely on their best judgment. However, we are here to provide you with all the relevant information and food for thought to make your decision as informed as possible.


The situation with online gambling in Ireland is far from being white or black. On the one hand, you can’t obtain an online casino gambling license in the country. On the other hand, you can legally play in one. How is that possible? Here’s how.


Ireland wasn’t lenient to gamblers for the longest time. The act that is currently regulating the industry, the Gambling and Lotteries act of 1956, allows for sports betting but restricts licensing for gambling venues. However, there are plenty of gambling shops there. Some of them are situated in the very heart of Dublin.

This is because while you can’t run a casino, you can run a closed gambling club with so-called “amusement machines.” This is why if you want to play a casino game, you have to have a passport with you and be ready to fill out a membership card. These cards do not take that much time to fill and don’t oblige you to do anything. It’s a formal step that makes land-based casinos in Ireland legal. They’re technically and legally not casinos, but you can’t deny what they are.


You can legally place a sports bet in Ireland, but getting an Irish online casino license would be impossible. So no, there are no websites like that licensed in Ireland yet. This doesn’t mean you can’t gamble online in Ireland, however. Just as with land-based casinos, the loopholes in the law allow casinos registered elsewhere operate in the country.

They’re just as good as any Irish casino sites online could be. Despite being registered in the UK, Curacao, or Malta, these casinos cater to Irish gamblers and follow the strict regulation these countries have developed to prevent frauds from using their reputation online. Pick any the best casino online Ireland from our list, and you won’t regret your choice.


Just a few years ago, it seemed like any change was impossible. The Amendment Bill was registered back in 2013, but it doesn’t have the legal power and wasn’t taken into consideration up until now. In June 2019, the bill had passed the lower chambers and was ready to be discussed at Seanad Éireann. It’s not long until the bill is finally ratified. When that’s done, the government will form a ruling body and will start issuing licenses to interested casinos. Follow our news section to learn more about the process.


There are many reasons the government thinks gambling shouldn’t be legal. Even though many other forms of gambling are perfectly legal in Ireland, some people in the Seanad believe that industrialized online gambling may prove to be a massive disaster for the country. They are overly concerned about the number of problem gamblers in Ireland and the fact that the Economist claims we are among the biggest losers among all gambling nations.

The other reason is that religious people believe gambling is wrong and harmful for the children. The media’s pushing sad stories of addicts who lost it all after a bad gambling session doesn’t help the industry’s publicity either.

Biggest brands themselves claim that it’s the other gambling lobbyists who don’t let the legalization go through. People in sports betting are making enough money to influence the government, and they’re afraid they may lose a portion of the market if they let such businesses in Ireland operate legally.

Despite this, the example of so many countries prove that online gambling can be legalized, and it will only decrease the risk gamblers face. This what gives hope that the Amendment finally passes.


While we do not promote illegal activities, it is worth noting that gambling online in Ireland is not punished by the government. The biggest problem you may run into is withdrawing a big win to your bank account, but that can be countered by using e-wallets.


Gambling relies on chance. However, if you do prior research or consult with CasinoHEX reviews before you start gambling, you can earn significantly more.

You have to pick a high payout casino to make sure you’re getting the most of your luck. The best way to do this is to look at two important factors. The wagering requirements and payout percentages. Here are both of them explained.


Many punters are drawn to casinos for their high bonus sums. However, it’s not the right way to go about it. If you’re smart, you know that nothing is free. The same is true about bonus money at Irish gambling sites.

You have to look at the wagering requirements. Some casinos require you to bet a certain sum before you can make a withdrawal. Some casinos have this number down at x1, while others require you to bet 50 times the bonus amount you received. If you go with the first casino, you’ll see more of your win.


Slots themselves can be the reason you’re not winning enough. Each slot has a payout percentage. That’s a complex mathematical equation that shows what percentage of your bets you’re likely to win over a long time. The thing is casinos can change the payout percentage themselves. The supplier offers them a range of payout percentages that they can choose from.

So if you’ve played a slot at one casino, it doesn’t mean you’ll be winning as much at the other casino. You have to look out for payout percentages before you can find your best payout casino online.


🎲 What casino games are the most popular in Ireland best gambling sites?
The Irish love sports, so the bulk of gambling spendings is sport-related. However, casino games make up a significant part of gambling expenses in Ireland as well. Irish gamblers are quite fond of classic table games. From land-based casinos that offer poker tournaments to online gambling websites that let you play online casinos with people from across the world, table games are everywhere on the web. The same is true about classic casino slots. Top slots from Microgaming and NetEnt are constantly in the centre of attention of Irish gamblers. While not completely popular, Bingo also has a niche in the gambling industry. You can find the best casino website that focuses on specifically on Bingo here at CasinoHEX.
🔒 Is it safe to play at an Irish casino online?
As with any other business, some websites are more dangerous than others. At any online cash casino in our list, you run the risk of forgetting about your limits and losing too much. That’s completely on you, and you should remember to gamble responsibly. However, if you choose a casino from CasinoHEX reviewed list, you won’t get defrauded or get your data stolen. We are here to prevent unfortunate events like that.
🇮🇪 Can I win real money at Ireland casino online?
You bet real money, you lose real money, you win real money. It’s how it works. We don’t promote apps that say they’re casinos but only allow for deposits, not withdrawals. Check casinos from CasinoHEX list, and you’ll find the best places to win real money.
💳 What popular banking methods there are for gambling?
Most Ireland online gambling sites use a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. You can easily make a payment with Visa or MasterCard, wire transfer, or an e-wallet. Many casinos support PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, among the most popular ones. You can filter the list of casinos by payment method to see what casinos are willing to take that as an option. The same applies to withdraw your money. You have to be careful, though, as some casinos will take longer to process your withdrawal claim. Read reviews carefully before you start gambling.
📞 Can I use my smartphone or tablet to play casino games?
Yes, you can. Many casinos from our list have applications for both Android or iPhone that allow you to play casino games from wherever you are. Those that don’t have this option allow you to play in the browser. HTML5 technology allows you to stream games seamlessly, so your experience won’t be much different.
What do payout percentages mean?
The payout percentage is the number that shows how much of your bets you will get if you play long enough. If the payout percentage is 94%, you will get 94% of what you wager back oxer a time. You should aim at a higher payout percentage rate, around 96%.
📌 Can I wager in Euros?
Yes, you can. All casinos from our list accept EUR, as it’s a major currency.